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A Quick Take On The Varied Plastic Molding Techniques!

Plastic molding dates back to late 1800’s, and since then, things have changed drastically, thanks to development of new technologies. There are varied techniques in plastic molding, and in this post, we take a look at the most popular ones.

  • Rotational Molding. Also known as rotomolding, it is best suited for making hollow products of all sizes. Liquid resin or powder is placed in a mold, which is then rotated in an oven, which allows the material to coat the mold. As a result, the products have even and uniformly-thick walls. The product is taken out on once the plastic has cooled down. Experts agree that rotomolding is extremely environment-friendly and effective, because there is no unwanted material wastage. You can learn more about molding here.

  • Injection molding. For the longest time, Injection molding was used for making plastic parts. Molten plastic is injected into the metal mold using high pressure, which is then cooled and the product is taken out. When custom plastic parts must be manufactured in huge numbers, injection molding is often preferred, simply because the molds, which are made of steel or aluminum tend to be expensive.
  • Blow Molding. Traditionally, Blow Molding was used for making thin and hollow custom plastic parts. In terms of technical aspects, it is quite similar to glass blowing, where the plastic material is first headed up, following which air is blown to turn the plastic into a balloon. As the material touches the mold, it takes its shape. When the product cools down, it’s taken out.
  • Compression molding. In case of compression molding, the plastic material is heated up and then placed in the mold to get the desired shape. Once the plastic has got the shape of the mold, it is then cooled, trimmed and removed. When plastic parts of high quality are required, especially the small ones and in huge volumes, compression molding is used. This is also why it is more effectively used in the auto industry. In case of compression molding, the initial costs are high.

Depending on the kind or product you require, one of the plastic molding techniques can be used. Extrusion Molding and Thermoforming are also other options available. Talk to a known plastic manufacturer, find more on options and what may work best for the volume and nature of products that you need.  Check online to find more details on pros and cons of each technique.

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