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These Secrets Will Help You Build an Award Winning Business Website!

The five major tenets of web designs are appearance, content, usability, feature functionality and standards compliance. A praiseworthy website must be superbly stunning, easily navigable, seamless to use with zero bugs, loaded with information that is useful in the long run.

Here are the top secrets to create the best website among all.

  1. Make the most of the white space

To the customers, a website should be sleek, user friendly and sophisticated. Hence, you should always aim and strategize to make the most of white space in the entire website to highlight the key elements of each web page and make the content noticeable. White space is the blank space in and around various elements of a page which seems elegant and improves your brand positioning as well as enhances the reading comprehension. When you have a cluttered homepage, it tends to overwhelm the users so just let your website be minimalistic and plenty of white space will compel the users to stay on your website longer and discover other aspects. If you are seeking a professional, hire website designer to get this done in no time.

  1. Streamline navigation

In order to improve the usability of your website, you need to make navigation as easy as possible. Ensure that your products are easily accessible on the homepage on both desktops as well as mobile platforms. One way to test the usability of your site to check if it passes the 3 second rule. It states that your website should be able to capture your customer’s attention in about three seconds. If it takes longer, then you lose them. To make sure you are passing the test, make the content text as clear and understandable as possible, highlight some of the few quality graphics and enlighten your readers to read the most browsed information. Also give test driving the site with your friends to see how long does it take for them to interact with the elements of your site and accomplish easy tasks.

  1. Make the customers have a look at the reviews and exclusive offers

No one prefers to view a wall of text or infinite images when landing on a website. So ensure to implement the 3 second rule to your content to improve the clarity, conversion, and organization. When running an ecommerce site, showcase a few good reviews, a few special deals, coupon codes or promotions. In this way, the readers will make the most of the extra incentives and take the next step to make a purchase.

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