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Top Benefits of Cloud Based Storage Management Over Traditional On-Premise Storage!

Today, cloud computing is an ideal platform for data storage especially among medium to large organizations. The peace of mind and convenience offered by it is just incomparable. There are many benefits of cloud-based storage management that you need to know to understand its importance.

Read on and unfold the valuable piece of information!

Proactive Management

As it is said, “Prevention is better than cure”. The same holds true in this case as well. The most ideal way to solve any issue is to first identify symptoms before they get completely manifested.

Monitoring storage environment continuously and in a healthy manner allows the complete information to be stored in cloud-based service for the purpose of heuristic analysis. This leads to in-depth pattern analysis and proactive notification across global installed base.

Global Management

Rather than relying on conventional data centre for storage, you can easily use a central service to manage global storage environment. No matter where the physical location of the data is, the IT administrators can access cloud-based management service anytime and from anywhere. They can easily get quick access to the information for making informed actions and strategic decisions. All you need is a reliable cloud computing Developer Company like GroupeAzur to trust on. You can visit their site to know more about their services.

Decreased Costs

Conventional storage solutions can add great complexity and cost of installing as well as maintaining another software server. Even VPN credentials might be needed for IT firms to access dedicated management network from remote.

However, cloud-based management storage can eliminate all these issues. IT can offer its own authentication. All these benefits can be achieved for around just a third of expense of using any third-party cloud vendor.

Quick and hassle-free upgrades

Upgrades and new features can also be easily delivered by vendor rather more quickly along with much less disruption to the users with the help of cloud-based management. Eliminating this burden from the IT administrators can even remove the need for company to schedule the outages as well as dedicated servers with software upgrades that may consume much time.

Reporting in real time

With cloud storage management, reporting can be made available across all of the storage instances right from a central administrator dashboard. It leads to global storage visibility for IT organization. For instance, capacity trends and overall health of system across global company can be analyzed right on demand.

Overall, cloud-based data management software is greener and more beneficial than conventional premise-based solutions with reduced storage space, shared energy needs of the multiple servers, and so forth. The above-mentioned ones are just some of the many benefits offered by it!

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